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About us.

We are the people to contact if you have any questions about pre-treatment. DOK Chemie GmbH provides nanoceramic products, iron phosphating, zinc phosphating, and degreasing. But the focus of our activities lies in providing comprehensive advice to our customers in all issues relating to creating a corrosion-protecting coating on steel, zinc, and aluminum – with or without a paint finish.

DOK Chemie GmbH is a well-established expert in the market. Many well-known companies from all areas of metal sheet coating, mechanical engineering, and the automotive industry trust the reputation of DOK Chemie GmbH. There are virtually no jobs in the areas of degreasing/passivating that our experienced team has not handled successfully at one time or another.

Service at the highest level in terms of theory and practice

(energy, chemicals, water, wastewater, waste)

Optimum adjustment of the products used to suit the conditions/strong>
of the pre-treatment system

Pre-treatment and wastewater system planning

Seminars with participation certificates

Don’t hesitate to put us to the test.
The many tips and hints that we have gathered over the years will ensure that you generate substantial profits in relation
to the relatively small expenditure for our services.



Martin Heinrich

Managing Director

Sales and Applied Technology
Phone: +49 (0)173 / 66 65 42 5

Dr. Peter Dolscheid

Managing Director

Sales, R&D, Applied Technology
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Andre Berse


Sales and Applied Technology
Phone: +49 (0)173 / 51 11 23 0

Dipl. Chem. Dirk Lautenschläger

Applied Technology and Sales

Marion Baumhof


Phone:: +49 (0)2359 / 29 90 50
Fax: +49 (0)2359 / 29 90 51 


Renate Rittmann


Phone: +49 (0)2359 / 29 90 50
Fax: +49 (0)2359 / 29 90 51 

Sarah Schmidt-Béraud


Phone: +49 (0)2359 / 29 90 50
Fax: +49 (0)2359 / 29 90 51 

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